A report on the advantages of living with someone

Condo Advice and TipsRenting Living and getting a condo is the trend right now however, condo living entails paying the rent, bills, and association fees. Most of the time, having a roommate is the key towards condo living on a tight budget. They put up ads of a condo for rent and hope they save money but end up with unpaid bills and an arch nemesis. Photo courtesy of GKwan via Flickr There are always pros and cons of having a roommate, and so does living solo in a condo.

A report on the advantages of living with someone

Volunteer Application Advantages of Small Town Living Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, air pollution bothering you? Are you tired of your children being stuck in classrooms that are too big and the anonymity that goes with living in a city?

There are many advantages of small town living. No hustle and bustle! Plenty of people walking are common sights. No long lines of traffic on the freeway or bypass. No cars zooming up and down busy roads. You can instantly see the streets are much safer.

And of course car accidents are few and far between. Did you notice the fresh air? Little or no smog, lots of green space, plenty of parks to enjoy with the children, and peace and quiet.

Instantly you feel yourself beginning to relax. The frown lines begin to disappear from your face. Suddenly it feels like all your burdens are gone.

Now stop and have a look up and down the main street. The shops are bustling, people are coming and going and all seem to be greeting each person they pass along the way. Suddenly anonymity is gone. The brick buildings in the town core all have character and seem to welcome you with open arms.

Over there is the city hall.

A report on the advantages of living with someone

Small, compact and well organized. Now take a tour towards the school. The atmosphere is relaxed and the group of children relatively small. Many small towns have one school for all grades, and some have one primary school, and one junior high and high school combined.

Yes there are fewer teachers but there are far fewer students and classrooms are a comfortable size and the learning environment is greatly enhanced. Here the teacher has time for every single student. And even at the schools community spirit is strong.

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Dates of upcoming school events are posted on the wall. The year is well planned. Looks like the students may be the entertainment for the year.

Down the road you spot the local doctor's office. One doctor who knows everyone by name. The hospital is small and offers the basic facilities and top notch medical care. Serious injuries are quickly transported to a metro hospital.Advantages And Disadvantages of Living With a Roommate by DMCI Homes Leasing on November 26, | Categories: Condo Advice and Tips, Renting Living and getting a condo is the trend right now however, condo living entails paying the rent, bills, and association fees.

Advantages of Small Town Living. When someone new moves into town the are quickly greeted with open arms and a big welcome.

A report on the advantages of living with someone

Community spirit is alive and strong! There are many advantages to small town living! Excerpted from an article written by Eric West and published at srmvision.com Always nice living with someone you like and are close with. Keeps you from being lonely and is just awesome to play video games with someone late at night or .

Nov 02,  · There's slim daytime window to cross from the Valley to L.A. up and down the San Diego Freeway usually to but it changes each weekday based on the Gods.

Nov 02,  · Having someone to talk to when you come home. Disadvantages: Arguments over who owes what. Dealing with someone else's emergencies. Worrying about what someone is up to in your house when you go away overnight. Arguments over whose turn it is to do a chore. Having someone expect you to listen to them when they Status: Resolved.

When you have a roommate you always someone to talk to and hang around with. You rarely get that funny feeling that makes it seem you've been placed under some sort of house arrest or holed up in a fortress. I prefer the advantages jare Living with your babe is still alone abi?.

We are only inconvenient when we are staying with same sexx.

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