Affects of modern life habits on

Received Oct 12; Accepted Oct This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Introduction Lifestyle is a way used by people, groups and nations and is formed in specific geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious text.

Affects of modern life habits on

Impact of Lifestyle on Health

Although modern man has developed sophisticated machines, medical equipments and powerful medicines, he is deprived of health and therefore he is far away from happiness.

He has conquered the diseases like typhoid, malaria, leprosy, tuberculosis, small pox etc. In a quest to achieve more pleasure and happiness we adopt a wrong Affects of modern life habits on and increase the risk factor and stress in our life.

Our Rishis and Munis saints have given specific guidelines through Ayurveda and yoga and have suggested an ideal daily routine Dinacharya and also the life style as per the seasonal changes Rituchorya so as to maintain a perfect healthy condition. Scientific studies have revealed that the appropriate change in lifestyle can even reverse the process of heart disease and enhance the healing potential in the human body.

Effects of lifestyle on health,heart,body|How lifestyle changes can affect our health

Yoga was a part of life style in India from the ancient time to promote and maintain healthy state of body, mind and happiness. In the present paper, these scientific evidences have been presented to make people realize the significance of a proper life style for health and happiness, instead of depending merely on the drugs.

The man has been trying his best to bring more and more comfort and happiness to his life by discovering various devices so as to get the work done in minimum time and with least physical efforts and expenditure of energy. He has also invented sophisticated medical equipment as well as powerful medicines for the accurate diagnosis and cure.

He has conquered diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid, small pox, leprosy etc. In spite of the well-developed modern technology, the happiness is far away from him.

Affects of modern life habits on

The life has become so fast and full of competition that it has disturbed the peace of mind. Instead of pleasure and comfort he is suffering from hypertension, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, asthma where the cause is not the germ or bacteria but the restless and tense mind which gives rise to stress.

It is mainly due to wrong ideas about comfort, entertainment and the happiness.

Affects of modern life habits on sense organs Essay Sample

For more happiness and pleasure more money is required which compels him to work more. While doing so he adopts a wrong life-style that leads him ultimately to exhaustion, stress and unhappiness. Various studies indicate that chronic emotional stress disturbs the blood pressure mechanism and cholesterol level.

Various scientific studies have revealed that appropriate changes in the life style on the basis of yogic principles can even reverse the heart disease and would help us in maintaining our healthy state of body and mind and to prevent such stress disorders.

What is life style? The way we eat, perform exercise, take rest, play, behave with others, think, plan, drive a vehicle, sleep, carry out our routine work and commitments and the total living style etc. It is true that our routine work and day today life depends on various environmental factors such as social, political, economical, ecological, family background.

When the basic necessities are not easily fulfilled, it is but natural that the man would try different strategies to achieve them.

Affects of modern life habits on

Our time schedule for working hours, rest, eating habits, concepts of entertainment and comfort and the nature of the people around us would change the mode of our life pattern.

Today we hardly find time to pay attention to our health unless something goes wrong with it. Our values for our own health care, job, self esteem, relationships with our family members and others would change totally when we adopt this fast and competitive lifestyle.

On one hand we try to be more comfortable and on the other we face the challenging situations in our life. When the result of the adopted lifestyle is not as per the expectations, modern man adopts an easy way of escapism by taking narcotics like tobacco, cigarette smoking, charas or ganja, alcohol and soon becomes addicted to these drugs.

The lifestyle which leads to more and more tensions and unhappiness as well as psychosomatic ailments like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, depression etc.Modern Lifestyle Challenges Cardiovascular Disease.

Heart disease and strokes cause nearly half of all deaths in America, and severely reduce the quality of life for many people. Modern Life Style Habits and Health Posted on 15th April | 8 Comments In the present modern life style, we do not take care of our health and the consequences of our eating habits and other styles of life.

Mar 06,  · This model divides lifestyle factors into those that have emerged from environmental technological developments that disrupt normative sleep patterns, and those that may be viewed as behavioral habits, that may serve as countermeasures aimed to combat the deleterious consequences of sleep loss and sleepiness.

Affects of modern life habits on sense organs Essay Sample. Sense Organs are the organs in our body which enables information from the outside world to be received through specific receptors that are connected to the brain by the nerves.

Based on life cycle assessment the environmental impacts more sustainable ‘combination of habits’ among modern lifestyles. PRESENTATION OF THE FOUR LIFESTYLES The analysis of the different lifestyles is con-structed so that they reflect a variety of options . Oct 12,  · Lifestyle may effect on sleep and sleep has a clear influence on mental and physical health.

Sexual behavior: Normal sex relation is necessary in healthy life. Dysfunction of sex relation is the problem of most of societies and it has a significant effect on mental and physical health.

Modern Life Style Habits and Health