Analysis of contemporary myths

Modern Mythology Modern Mythology Not all mythology dates from the days of ancient cultures. People around the world continue to create new myths and to embroider or rework existing ones. Modern technologies such as publishing, movies, telecommunications, and the Internet allow folktales, rumors, and newly minted myths to travel faster and reach more people than ever before.

Analysis of contemporary myths

Shooting Holes in Wounding Theories: Myths, Misconceptions and Miscalculations If I haven't already gotten someone into a stew with what I've said so far, I'm certain to do so now.

I want to examine some very popular myths, misconceptions and miscalculations of terminal effects with a view to demonstrating not only why they are not true, but also to account for the phenomena which caused them to be formulated.

I think that's fair. If I can't explain to your satisfaction the observed Analysis of contemporary myths that supports your favorite stopping power theory, I can't ask you to ditch it. Kinetic Energy, Part I: I don't wish to be misunderstood and we are in danger of this discussion being taken for a mere matter of semantics, so let me be clear: Specifically, in the extreme, some such advocates have emphasized the temporary cavity produced by the bullet with little regard for the permanent cavity created.

There is a prevalent belief that a bullet which remains inside a target is more effective in terms of stopping or killing power than one which completely penetrates; the idea being that all of the kinetic energy has been spent inside the game animal. Why wouldn't it be true? This belief is not new.

Colonel Townsend Whelen writes in his very illuminating treatise, Small Arms Design and Ballistics, that "the thought at that time was that the ideal bullet should just shoot through the animal to its opposite side, and lodge under the skin without penetrating clear through, thus expending all its energy on the beast" p.

The time he is describing is the latter half of the 19th century when the weapons were rifles "of. Even in these early days of ballistics inquiry the significance of kinetic energy was being examined.

Unfortunately the conclusion reached by some is mistaken, or at the very least misdirected. It is interesting that the 19th century model of "energy dump" required the bullet to completely pass through the body, but stop under the skin on the off-side; combining the features of an "energy dump" with lethal penetration and cavitation.

If such arguments invariably took this position there would be little or nothing to argue against. The arguments heard today have been around for decades. Consider the following excerpt from an article written by then Major Charles Askins Jr.

The Mechanics of Terminal Ballistics

Let a man tell what he considers ideal penetration, and he will state that is where a bullet goes through an animal, lodging in the skin on the opposite side.

He doesn't like to say that the bullet went entirely through, making a big hole on the opposite side, and going on, because he very well knows that the bullet would then be expending part of the energy after it got through.

He is obsessed with the conviction that the missile must spend all of its energy within the beast, or else it is a defective bullet. Now, with some misgivings I question the wisdom of all this.

Analysis of contemporary myths

I believe that if we could have a bullet which would pass entirely through the game - a brown bear, say - and make a hole on the other side as big as your two fists, we'd get that bear. Same thing with anything else we shot There are at least two contemporary variations on the "energy dump" premise.

The principal argument seems to center on the concept of "overpenetration", which is essentially the same thought as expressed in the 19th century but with the added evidence of actual results from gunfights on the street the chief culprit being the rather pointed 9 mm FMJ bullet.

Bullets which "overpenetrate" do not stop opponents as readily as those that remain in the body, it is alleged. Therefore, if the energy isn't "wasted" on exit, the bullet is more effective.

It depends on the target as well as the load under consideration. A bullet of a given construction and impact velocity will create a cavity of predictable dimensions over its path, whether it stops or penetrates completely.

Therefore, if the hole created can penetrate all the way through, it causes more damage than if it stops at some point.

Analysis of “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley : Morality Without God

Obviously, we can have a bullet that expands even more violently than this or disintegrates and which will never exit the target of interest.

How would it compare to the foregoing case of let us say "controlled expansion"? The critical issue here is what sort of hole are we making, not whether it goes all the way through. Overpenetration is a misnomer. The ineffective stopping attributed to overpenetration of handgun bullets to the extent that its even fair criticism is actually caused by inadequate cavitation not surprisingly for a pointed FMJ.

Let's make a practical comparison of extremes. Now, comprare this load with a. These two loads have exactly the same kinetic energy at impact: However, their respective terminal behaviors are very different.

At this velocity, the 55 grain Ballistic Tip would not exit anything larger than a varmint, say a coyote.Myths and Facts of Youth Offending The community’s perception of young people is heavily shaped by the media, a trusted source of information. In attempting an analysis of the foregoing myths, and an explanation.

of their origin, it is impossible, in a work of this kind, to do more contemporary savages, and in the past seemed equally rational and ANALYSIS OF MYTHS. SKY MYTHS. SUN AND DAWN MYTHS. MOON MYTHS. EARTH MYTHS.

UNDERWORLD MYTHS. WIND MYTHS. III. Myths, Misconceptions and Miscalculations. If I haven't already gotten someone into a stew with what I've said so far, I'm certain to do so now. Oct 25,  · So, in a way, UFOlogy is a contemporary, space age expression of the faery mythology which is, in itself, an expression of the structure of the psyche.

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View Analysis of Contemporary Myths from SOCIOL I at University of California, Berkeley. Throughout the history of human civilization, myths have been an integral part of human society. Myths have.

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