Beginning farm business plan example

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Beginning farm business plan example

Some are making a few extra bucks by putting their skills and knowledge to good use. At Wimberway Kennels and Farm, the cattle and goats graze the fields, keeping the cover at a suitable height for training the retrievers and running trials.

beginning farm business plan example

The Briggs run a cow-calf operation mostly Charolaiskeep goats alpine and Boer and also breed, board, train and judge dogs. It took the insurance coverage and about five years to get back in balance. Any project with animals seems to be one step forward and two back. We replace our fence panels as needed—usually getting a few each year.

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In the training classes, you see people benefitting and beginning to enjoy their dogs more as they respond to the training. The goat kids all played on the A-frame, dog walk, and even tried the teeter-totter.

One time a young buck also visited the agility area several days in a row. Why not create an open air tea room on the farm, with lots of plants especially herbsa waterfall, and a mouth-watering herb-based menu?

Water elements are set amongst large stone features, creating a peaceful and private dining experience. The food is infused with fresh herbs: We meet so many interesting people on a daily basis—people from all over, with different interests, and they love to share their experiences with us.

There is always so much to do and so much to remember. He loves people and makes a point of introducing himself. We decided early on that it was better to put Basil in the barn during our busy lunch hour, but he managed to get out occasionally. Last summer we were surprised to receive a beautifully framed picture of Basil sitting with three of our regular customers, enjoying high tea.

Another time, during our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, he also somehow escaped and entertained a family by sitting nicely on a spare chair, waiting to be fed. We now make extra effort to make sure no one lets him out of the barn.

Leona and Blaine Staples started in with half an acre of strawberries, and now grow 16 acres, in addition to five acres of vegetables and 3, square feet of greenhouse.

beginning farm business plan example

When it has its other hat on, the farm becomes a bustling space for everything from birthday parties to corporate picnics. The general public can enjoy a wagon ride pulled by an antique tractor, bale maze, corn maze, petting farm, pumpkin patch, tricycle track, pumpkin slingshot, bull roping, stationary wooden train, a sand pile with toys, and more.

Jungle Farm also offers educational programs for school, youth, camp and senior groups, and workshops for the public. With the pumpkin slingshot, there was a dollar amount attached to the activity, and it was easy to see we made cost return in one season.

However, I believe adding anything new has value because it attracts returning customers. I value educating children and this gives me a direct opportunity to do this. Our own children are also learning and enjoying the business.

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A beginning farmer is defined as one who: Has not operated a farm or ranch for more than 10 years; Does not own a farm or ranch greater than 30 percent of the average size farm in the county as determined by the most current Census for Agriculture at the time the loan application is submitted; Meets the loan eligibility requirements of the program to which he/she is applying - Farm Operating.

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