Free creative writing advice tumblr

Or keys to keyboard; "Use whatever works," he often says. Most of these have to do with the day-in, day-out practices that make up what he calls "writing hygiene. They take too long. Begin your writing life instead by cranking out "a hell of a lot of short stories," as many as one per week.

Free creative writing advice tumblr

These are the best blogging platforms for you. Shares It used to be said that everyone has a book in them, but these days, it might be more appropriate to argue that everyone has a viral blog post in them.

Plenty of people retain a thirst for more thoughtful writing than a tweet can afford. How to start a blog There's something about having a space that's properly yours, that's potentially free from the distractions of a billion adverts and countless competing status updates.

Blogging is also still a great, organic method of self-promotion online, and the best thing is, there are a load of free blogging platforms out there to get you started.

What is a blogging platform?

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A blogging platform is a service or application that facilitates the free creative writing advice tumblr of web pages for publishing your content. These content management systems come in the form of website builders like Wix, blogging applications like Wordpress, or simplified blogging software like Tumblr.

In this round-up, we explore the best blogging platforms for newcomers who want to get a free blog up and running. On top of that you'll find over designer-made templates as well as plenty of additional features and apps, along with top-grade hosting so you can rest assured your site will be there when you need it.

You get MB storage and 1GB bandwidth with a free Wix account; if you need more — plus other features like your own domain, and online store and Google Analytics — then take a look at its premium plans. Yola Yola boasts flexible layouts and no third-party ads Yola limits you a bit if you have grand plans for your blog — you can only have two sites and three web pages with its free plan — but the upside is a healthy 1GB of storage and bandwidth, and your site won't be littered with unsightly third-party ads.

Getting started is easy, with dozens of customisable templates to choose from, a straightforward site builder for putting everything together, flexible layouts and drag-and-drop widgets. And if you have the skills then you can edit your CSS in order to fine-tune your site's look.

Edublogs Edublogs is ideal if you are in art and design education If you are a design student or tutor, Edublogs is a great place to set up your online home. This free education blogging platform for schools, colleges, and universities is powered by Wordpress, but gives you the added benefit of plugging you into a community of fellow educational bloggers.

You can sign up for free, which gives you access to over premium themes and 1GB of storage space, and there is a Pro plan which gives you all the extras you'll require when you get serious.

Hubpages Join a buzzing community of Hubbers with Hubpages Hubpages is a network of sites that enable bloggers or Hubbers to share their story with a vast open community. It has an Arts and Design section, which will be a happy home for creative bloggers, and Hubpages majors on its ability to connect its users with a wide audience and earn revenue from ads and affiliates.

Contentful Call your content into any design with the Contentful API Nobody knows how they're going to want to display their articles a few years down the line, so Contentful provides a way to separate your content from your design. It calls this an "API-first" approach, so your content is stored on its servers and you can call it into any design or platform as you like.

free creative writing advice tumblr

So if you want to build a completely different site in a few years time, it's easy to bring everything in as it's set up to be portable from the start. Jekyll Make static sites with Jekyll Jekyll takes your raw text files, which may be written in Markdown, if you like, and turns them into a robust static site to host wherever you want.

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It's the engine behind GitHub Pages, which means you can host your blog on there for free. Making your blog with Jekyll avoids the need to work with technicalities such as databases, upgrades and so on, so there are fewer things to go wrong, and you can build something completely from scratch.

WordPress WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform If the folks over at WordPress are to be believed and they seem suitably trustworthy sortsit now 'powers' almost a third of the internet.

It's easy to see why: Alternatively, most web hosts provide WordPress as a free single-click install, and more information on what's possible there can be found at WordPress.

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Newcomers might find WordPress a touch bewildering initially, but it's the best free option for anyone wanting a great mix of power, customisation and usability.

To help you out, we've rounded up the best WordPress tutorials and the best free WordPress themes to get you started. Tumblr Tumblr is one of the easiest free blogging platforms to use To some extent, Tumblr feels a bit like a halfway house between WordPress and Twitter.

It offers more scope than the latter, but tends to favour rather more succinct output than the former. Decent mobile apps make it easy to submit content to a Tumblr blog from anywhere, though, and it's reasonably easy to customise your theme to make it your own.Brain Pickings remains free (and ad-free) and takes me hundreds of hours a month to research and write, and thousands of dollars to sustain..

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Welcome to my ramblings on writing and the power of the human mind and imagination.

free creative writing advice tumblr

Rummage in the archives here: Annoying Ads? WordPress puts ads on this site. Bill Evans was one of the greatest jazz pianists of the second half of the 20th century. His playing on Miles Davis's landmark record, Kind of Blue, and as leader of the Bill Evans Trio was a major influence on players like Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea.

"Bill's value can't be. Like fellow genre icon Stephen King, Ray Bradbury has reached far beyond his established audience by offering writing advice to anyone who puts pen to paper. (Or keys to keyboard; "Use whatever works," he often says.) In this keynote address at Point Loma Nazarene University's Writer's.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. OMG YES. This is why I’m moving away from Tumblr (and when I see this elsewhere I call it the Tumblr effect just because I spot it on Tumblr so often).

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