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Although not completely new, the chassis was heavily upgraded, becoming the DN generation. In a break from the familiar styling of the previous two generations that chief designer Jack Telnack had likened to a "pair of slippers"[23] Ford had sought to again make the Taurus stand out for buyers of mid-size sedans, giving the vehicle a much more extensive restyling than its predecessor.

Hsc 525 week 2

Moving away from straight lines, the Taurus sought to include rounded lines, moving past the cab-forward design of the Chrysler LH sedans. Alongside the Ford Blue Oval emblem itself, the Taurus repeated the shape several places in its exterior; [6] [24] in a controversial design element, the rear window of the Taurus was oval, as were the side windows of the Mercury Sable.

The interior saw a complete redesign. To simplify production, all versions of the Taurus were fitted with bucket seats; six-passenger versions were fitted with a flip-forward center seat cushion also meant for use as a center console; five-passenger versions were fitted with a floor shifter and center console.


Forthe Ford Taurus stayed the best-selling car in the United States. The Taurus became the first four-door sedan to be approved for competition. Fourth generation — [ edit ] Ford Taurus SEL wagon Ford Taurus sedan Ford Taurus SE sedan The Taurus received another redesign forwhich replaced many of the oval-derived design elements of the previous model with sharper creases and corners, an aspect of Ford's New Edge styling language.

To reduce the car's price and keep it competitive, Ford reduced costs on the car insuch as giving the Taurus sedan rear drum brakes on ABS equipped vehicles previously, upgrading to ABS included the addition of rear disc brakeseliminating the dual exhaust on the higher end models, and trimming many other small features.

Ford designed the fourth generation with much more conservative styling in hopes of increasing the car's appeal. Instead of sloping back, the car's trunk stood upright in a more traditional shape, increasing trunk space by another two cubic feet.

The interior was also completely redesigned with a more conventional shape, although some features from the previous Taurus generations were carried over.

Hsc 525 week 2

The dashboard was given a squarer design instead of curving around the driver as in the previous generation. The "integrated control panel" concept was carried over but redesigned, with a bigger, squarer shape, and it was placed in the center of the dash instead of being angled toward the driver.

The flip-fold center console was also carried over from the previous generation, although it was revamped as well. When folded out, it now rested against the floor instead of the dashboard, and had reworked cup holders and storage areas. Ford Five Hundred Taurus sales had slumped significantly in the years prior to its short-lived demise with model yearlosing significant market share to Japanese sedans.

Production of the Taurus wagon was discontinued on December 8, ; [31] sedan retail sales halted after a short model year, and the Taurus became sold exclusively to fleets in the United Stateswhile still being sold to retail customers in Canada. Production ended on October 27,as Ford idled the Atlanta plant, as part of its The Way Forward restructuring plan.

How can it go away? It's the best selling car in America.

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Alan Mulally, [32] Ford had decided to replace the Taurus with the full-size Five Hundred a revival of the "" nameplate suffix dating back to the sand midsize Fusion sedans and the Taurus wagon with the Freestyle crossover SUV.

While many believed that the Taurus had been dropped because it could no longer compete in the growing sedan market, [33] others claimed Ford could have easily have saved the nameplate had it wished to.

An October 25,USA Today editorial, "How Ford starved its Taurus", noted that the Japanese stuck with their winners and make them better such as the Toyota Corollawhich has been in continuous production since the s[37] while Detroit automakers retire cars and even entire division nameplates in search of "the next big thing".

Fifth generation — [ edit ] Main article: Ford Taurus fifth generation Ford Taurus SEL The fifth generation 5G Taurus entered production in as a model and was developed directly from the Ford Five Hundredchiefly with a mild exterior facelift and revised engine and transmission.

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Ford designated the model as the Taurus, after the demise of the concurrently marketed fourth generation 4G Taurus and to take advantage of its customer recognition and dealer demand. Car buyers in the U. The five-star rating given to the Taurus and the Sable is the highest safety rating being given by the government agency.

The Ford scored well in test drives and the media was pleased with some of the new features available in the Ford Taurus. However, others criticized the lack of interior room and reduced sight lines despite its full-sized exterior, [50] and Edmunds noted that the eighth-generation Honda Accord which competes in the mid-size category had superior driving dynamics and a more efficient design and offered almost as much interior space as the Taurus despite considerably smaller external dimensions.

There was also an available performance package which included upgraded brake pads, a 3. Options from the Driver Assist option group, however, are unavailable simultaneously with the Performance Package.HCS Week 2 Individual Assignment Personal Philosophy Paper | , hcs.

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