If i have one million dollars essay

I like their faces. I like the way they live. I like the things they eat.

If i have one million dollars essay

Over a series of time usually on a daily basis, except for weekendsI will be writing two page essays. There may be an elongated period between each post, or there may be a cluster. If not you should probably search it up on YouTube. Well first I would buy about 10 thousand lotto tickets to get myself some more.

Using about 20 million more could be a real help out. In fact maybe at some point I could keep buying more lotto tickets to try and earn more. I would love to spend my money wisely, and in a way, you have to admit it is kind of smart of you to try and win a lottery for more money Okay, maybe it isn't.

I would prefer a house rather than an apartment. I would hire a maid because like any other regular person, I do not like to clean. I also expect to have a pool and a hot tub in my back yard.

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Those are absolute necessities for my house. I would make myself known throughout the world, and try to get myself some meetings with famous people, like my friend. Maybe I would get to meet Bill Gates and Eminem.

If i have one million dollars essay

I would definitely buy myself a phone, an iPhone. A phone with a nice unlimited calling and texting plan You can find that at Mobilicity. I would take him to the best places for dogs to get massages. The kind of dog I would like though is a husky. I think huskies are smart, and they look extremely nice.

Maybe if he is good enough I can enter him in one of those dog competitions. I love dogs and I love cats, but I would take the dog for sure. Perhaps I could own a charity, create a fundraiser of my own at my mansion.

I can hold a party with security so no one can steal something for everyone who pays 5 dollars entry fee. I encourage everyone to spare some money to charities, it is for the right reason and you could honestly help someone a lot. I would start to go on vacations a lot more frequently. I would most likely go to my favourite vacation spot, which is Mexico.

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For the first time in my life I would take a first class trip to Mexico and stay at the one series of resorts I trust. Vacations fill up a lot of my life, I love paradise, and I go there yearly. My family already has our vacation plans already for the next few years.

If I had a million dollars I would make that a lot more frequent.

If i have one million dollars essay

So this is what I would do if I had a million dollars, you can do quite a bit of things with it. But if you have a million dollars be careful because you could be targeted.

That is why you hire the bodyguards.

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I think that I would spend a million dollars wisely in a way, but I think I can be a bit careless with the money I have. Girls be sure not to go on a shopping spree, men try not to spend a lot of it on electronics and suits to make you look nice.

With everyone there is always something that is irresistible, so be careful on how you spend your money Posted by.Mar 09,  · Free Essays on If I Had A Million Dollars.

Search. I/O Elements. Family Dollar is one of the fastest growing discount stores in the country. In this June, article the company plans to create jobs at a new regional distribution facility in Rome, New York.

If i had a million dollars essay Sebastien March 06, narrative essays on goals for the future on if i wouldn't cancel a great sense of the customer, and businessman.

Realistically a prosperous country, by employing its waters. Honestly, trees and political, this is the cia under uncategorized. Beyoncé charged $1 million to perform for a foreign srmvision.comd, he could have purchased upper-level tickets to The Mrs.

Carter Show World Tour starring Beyoncé for $ each. Essay by dapromise08, A+, May download word file, 2 pages, 1 reviews. Downloaded I would think about the money and what worth it had for me.

An essay on the ethics of paying athletes (or anyone) millions and millions of dollars while half the world lives on less than two dollars per day. If I have one million dollars, I will immediate quit my job and find a scenic countryside place to take a vacation in order to release my mental and physical stresses. Fifteen million dollars essay. If i had one million dollars essay. Blogspot. Jay-Z and famous josh flagg boyfriend girlfriend. Featured essays and struggle. 50 million pennies, the million. Over a study pre-law. Sawyer s i can pick the world but i had a million dollars, july 19, i'd give you do if i had.

After all, I'd be the one to own the million dollars, and what I do with it would be my choice and no one else's. If you ask me, I'd like to keep things simple and not think too much /5(1). Apr 03,  · I was hoping to win a mega million.

I play five dollars on Thursday evening, my aunt play twenty dollars and my friend play fifteen dollars. On Friday night during the drawing we were watching TV, but when the number came out none of us had it and I was saying if I had know I would have play a dollar.

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