In defense of animals

Bibliography Defense Mechanisms The relationship between predator and prey is a bit like a race for mutative defenses and attacks. As soon as one develops a weapon or defense mechanism, the other is working on an adaptation that allows them to prevent that mechanism from affecting them. All different species of life have different ways of defending themselves against predators, or even against the prey's defense mechanisms.

In defense of animals

Founded inIDA is an international animal protection organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by advocating for, and protecting their rights, welfare and habitats; as well as raising their status beyond that of mere commodities, property, objects or things.

Dating back even before you got involved in animal rights, you had activist leanings and believed that you could make a significant change.

Where did that come from?

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As a youngster, my life saving work focused on rescuing abandoned or lost dogs on the beaches and sand dunes of Long Island, NY. Also by saving the lives of countless numbers of starfish and other beings who had been washed ashore—by returning them to the ocean after a storm had passed.

As circumstances would have it, at age 8 or 9 I vowed to become a veterinarian after a little dog I had rescued gave birth to 6 puppies—six puppies that In defense of animals one by one from distemper.

All of them developed pneumonia and died of encephalitis, despite the fact that my father and I took them to a local veterinarian in an attempt to save their lives. When I realized that the tragedy of these deaths, of the terrible suffering these puppies had gone through, would likely have been prevented by early vaccinations, my future opened up to me: I closely and deeply identified with their plights and vulnerabilities.

It was when I entered veterinary school that I first became truly aware of how different I was—and I remained different in my years of veterinary practice and in my life as a full-time animal guardian.

I challenged the core foundations of the veterinary profession and of society at large. Today I am still quite different from what most of society expects from a veterinary professional.

What made you create and build In Defense of Animals? It started when I came to the support of a veterinarian, Dr. Max Redfern, who was attempting to act responsibly and with integrity, to enforce the federal Animal Welfare Act on the UC Berkeley campus where he was employed.

Because my colleague was trying to do the right thing, the responsible thing, the university was retaliating against him. It was an incredible, and for me, an unbelievable situation. Redfern asked for my help. I promised him I would do all in my power to help and so In Defense of Animals was born.

This was a precedent-setting development in those days—some 30 years ago. IDA has grown due to how closely I was and am aligned with the millions upon millions of people who care so deeply for the well being of other species.

Those who realize in the depths of their souls how wrong it is and how evil it is to exploit, mutilate, torture and kill billions upon billions of individuals of other species for fun, science, entertainment, fashion, profit and food—simply because we have the power to do so.

From throwing Christians to the lions, to the many holocausts millions upon millions of people have been subjected to, to the ownership and slavery of men, women and children, to the domination of the rich and powerful over the poor, weak and vulnerable, to the colonization of one country, one people by another more powerful one at that moment of time.

And so the fight for justice and compassion goes on— each in our own way fighting to make the world a more just and compassionate place. When you feel strongly enough about a cause or about an injustice and have the determination and passion to make a difference—to right a wrong—you will likely succeed.

If you believe that your approach is innovative, not being used by existing organizations to improve a situation—and it resonates with others that you know and trust—and you are in a position to begin, then go for it—especially in this day and age of the Internet and social networks.

If there is no other organization out there interested in doing it your way, then you have no other choice, especially if your passion is keeping you up night after night, then to go for it.

If you have a core of people who believe in you and what you are about— that it is both right and necessary—then go for it. What are you working on right now? It implies that they do not need or deserve to be treated responsibly and respectfully. Every social movement and every hard-won victory in the name of justice and compassion began with the courage to question the words and actions in order to change an existing custom or paradigm for the better.

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The animal protection movement is no different. What has been your greatest challenge? These long-held customs and ideologies are so very, very difficult to change.

What has been the most rewarding part of creating and growing In Defense of Animals? In addition, to the faith, and support so many thousands upon thousands of deeply caring IDA supporters have given to us—gifts of their time and resources to my staff and me over the years since I founded IDA.

In defense of animals

Looking into the eyes, hearts and souls of the beings we have saved, and have yet to save. The calls, letters, cards and emails from our supporters thanking us for our work—for our very existence. Hearing of their sacrifices on behalf of our work, on behalf of our fellow beings we are working so very hard to protect and save.

Knowing that with every IDA achievement and victory, with every victory of the animal rights and protection movement, and the environmental movement, millions upon millions of caring people around the world will sleep a little better at night.

Including my two beautiful daughters Raquel and Danielle, and their mother, Gloria, who bring their own talents, energy and compassion both to me, and to the benefits of so many, many others.In Defense of Animals in San Rafael, reviews by real people.

Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in San Rafael and beyond. Skip to Search Form Skip to Navigation Skip to Page Content Location: Kerner Blvd San Rafael, CA The Animal Defense League of Arizona is a statewide animal protection organization that has worked since on behalf of companion animals, wildlife, animals in laboratories, animals in entertainment, and farm animals.

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Animals and Nature › Fish › Fish defenses. There is no end to the amount of crazy and bizarre things you can find in the animal kingdom.

Today, we’re taking a look at animals’ defense mechanisms, and not surprising, we have found some pretty bizarre (and sometimes downright nasty) stuff. Remember the Animal Legal Defense fund in your will, using federal tax ID number: ALDF advocates for greater legal protection for animals.

As such, the majority of mailings sent by ALDF are used for both education and fundraising.

In defense of animals
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