Life cycle of silkworm essay writer

Silk is an expensive and beautiful piece of fabric that used to be worn by only kings and royalty in the past. It comes from the silkworm. The lifecycle of a crawling worm into a moth goes through several stages.

Life cycle of silkworm essay writer

Lava that are ready to cocoon will be noticeable to the human eye, as they will appear translucent and yellowish in colour. Just before it begins cocooning, the Silkworm will excrete a runny fluid in order to clean out its system and prepare it for the last stage of its life-cycle.

It will then ooze a tiny drop of Silk for anchoring, before going on to draw one long, continuous filament of Silk by swinging its head to-and-fro. Inside the cocoon, the Silkworm will moult for the last time, as it approaches the last stage of its life-cycle to become a moth.

Sometimes Silkworms do funny things, and this is evident when a Silkworm decides to spin a cocoon with a friend!

Life cycle of silkworm essay about myself

When this happens, the cocoon will be noticeably larger, however, if the two are members of the opposite sex, sometimes the cocoon does not hatch — and you will open it to find two dead Silk-Moths and a bunch of eggs inside the cocoon!

Some males may be able to almost fly if you drop the from a small height, however it is uncontrolled, and they will hit the ground after a few moments. It is quite easy to separate the male and female Silk-Moths, with the females having larger abdomens and males possessing smaller abdomens.

Males also tend to be more active, as they are constantly searching for a mate. The moth lives a very brief life of days, with males generally living longer than Females. Silk-Moths will begin to search for a mate almost immediately after emerging from their cocoon, with some seen mating with a moth of the opposite sex inside their cocoon should two moths share one!

After mating, the Female Moth will lay between eggs, and die, whereas the male Silk-Moth will search for another mate, should it not be too old.Life cycle of silkworm essay writing dissertations juliet tragic flaw essay swanborn case study research paper mazi aai essay in marathi on mla rh bill law essay writing.

Epicureanism and stoicism compare and contrast essays criminals essay. Sample Answer: The figures illustrate the stages in the life of a silkworm and the process of producing silk cloth.

life cycle of silkworm essay writer

There are four main stages in the life cycle of the silkworm, from eggs to adult moth. Aug 14,  · Best Mouse Trap Ever DIY Humane Mousetrap Green Rat Trap for capture and release Rat Eats Moth - Duration: GREENPOWERSCIENCE .

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life cycle of silkworm essay writer

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