Marketing analysis of the nhs

The NHS has to meet the challenges of an ageing population with more complex health needs, at a time of significant financial constraint. Health analysis has a vital role in meeting this challenge through, for example, undertaking the modelling and evaluation of potential healthcare system changes and providing tools and evidence to support the decision making. Ultimately health analysis helps to provide the evidence-base and tools to ensure that the focus is on continuously improving those things that really matter to patients - the outcome of their healthcare. We are looking for highly numerate graduates based in Leeds or London with an interest in the NHS, and an understanding of a wide variety of analytical approaches i.

Marketing analysis of the nhs

Share via Email Market research can drive better care, increase patient engagment and help the NHS understand what patients need and how they feel.

Following the Francis Review into the failure of care in Mid Staffordshire, Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, has outlined plans to name and shame hospitals and has announced the introduction of an Ofsted style system of ratings.

Marketing analysis of the nhs

The NHS has many examples of good market research that has both saved money and shown the way to better patient delivery. It does need to find a way of keeping the knowledge it creates as a shared resource, not letting it get lost in inevitable reorganisations.

Marketing assignment on PESTLE Analysis Of NHS. PESTLE Analysis of NHS will give a clear idea regarding the things that are harming the organization and also an idea about the things that are beneficial to the organization. Marketing situation analysis and strategic planning for NHS clinical services Richard Hudson Abstract This paper illustrates the processes needed to ensure the necessary information is available to prepare a marketing strategy for your NHS service marketing, marketing strategy. HM analysis: Refreshing NHS plans for 16th February / Commentary and analysis The NHS planning guidance in England is a key document that sets out the ‘must do’ priorities for the health service in the year ahead.

A time of change A relentless focus on understanding people — patients, their relatives or carers and staff — should be the central pillar around which the NHS focuses its decisions in this period of change.

This is the operational side of evidence-based decision making that has long been a clinical mantra. Research is critical to that focus, allowing the service to identify actual needs and effective solutions rather than being reactive to perceived need or, on occasion, organisational myth.

Assessing the care received A peer review assessment by the Greater Midlands Cancer Research Network was published in September which highlighted significant concerns and risks focused on process, management and back-office issues, with regards to the breast care multi-disciplinary team at Stafford Hospital.

The team did not interview patients as part of their assessment. In response, Engaging Communities Staffordshire hosts of the Staffordshire Local Involvement Network conducted research of 48 patients who had been treated for breast cancer at the hospital.

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The research highlighted issues and concerns which staff were unaware of and resulted in a number of improvements in the service. This nurse is able to give the patient all the information they require and this is supplemented by further information and local support groups.

Understanding how patients think Research can also be useful to help services gain a better understanding of the wider social and emotional context surrounding a long-term condition.

NHS Kidney Care commissioned the Ipsos Ethnography Centre of Excellence to conduct three ethnographic projects to understand the responsibilities patients, parents and carers have when managing a disease. The research closely followed a number of people living with kidney disease and indicated three key questions; who takes responsibility; what that responsibility involves and when that responsibility should be taken.

Films from these projects were presented at roundtable events where clinicians, support workers, charities, social workers, patients and their families discussed the key issues raised by the research.

Creating compelling engagement NHS Dudley Public Health also used research to develop their cervical screening social marketing campaign. The trust found that if women did not attend a screening when aged they were less likely to in future, thereby putting their health at risk.

Initial focus group research showed that women prioritised beauty treatments — such as getting a hair cut — over health appointments.

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The trust therefore used beauty as a key motivator in their campaign. As a result, the awareness of the symptoms of cervical cancer increased, more women were aware of the need to be screened and there was an increase in the number of women who said they would attend a screening.

Research is a critical tool to help the NHS and its hospitals and doctors understand the changes taking place and the impact this will have on the service. Critically, it will also help everyone to understand not only what patients need and want but how they feel.

Research can drive better care, increase patient engagement and help the NHS understand how patients respond to diseases and treatments. In defining what patients value, it can frequently help reduce costs as well as assist in prioritising increasingly scarce resource.

I have personally seen how market research has been used to do both in the justice and tax systems. I believe it has a crucial role to play in ensuring that the NHS is transformed for the better.

Join the Healthcare Professionals Network to receive regular emails and exclusive offers.Both the NHS and pharma recognise the need and the opportunity to collaborate in order to improve patient care and outcomes, and this was a key theme for discussions at the recent HSJ Life.

NHS Dudley Public Health also used research to develop their cervical screening social marketing campaign. The trust found that if women did not attend a screening when aged they were less. ” (Caroline Ashley, ) As well as the traditional “four P’s” considered in a traditional marketing plan, being a service, the NHS must also consider the additional three: .

Published: Tue, 05 Dec NHS Resource Profile. The essence of developing a marketing strategy for a company is to ensure that the company’s capabilities are matched to the competitive market environment in which it operates, notjust for today, but into the foreseeable future.

Highland Marketing is an integrated communications, PR and marketing consultancy with an unrivalled reputation for supporting UK and international health tech organisations, built over 15 years. Analysis: the NHS ten-year plan. 30th August / Commentary and analysis.

An analysis of the recent market-based reforms to the English NHS [PDF] 31 May - Publisher: Centre for Economic Performance This paper uses a difference-in-difference estimator to test whether the introduction of patient choice and hospital competition in the English NHS in January has prompted hospitals to become.

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