Mini grocery store business plan philippines makati

With so much unemployed people in this country, and the age factor, its getting harder and harder to get employed. Most of them end up in supermarkets and department stores as shelf stacker and cashiers, some are call centers agents and fast food crew. There is a blog I read encouraging people to create a business and be an entrepreneur and not telling the truth about the hardships and uncertainty on creating a business. What I can say is, it is a gamble and you are not sure if you will succeed or not.

Mini grocery store business plan philippines makati

It only takes creativity to know how to make money.

mini grocery store business plan philippines makati

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, gather your courage now and to start your own business. Start with a small business and work hard to grow it.

Street Food Business Estimated start-up capital: Street foods are considered as a good source of income because Pinoy sure love street foods. You can go for the usual kikiam, fishball, squid ball, chicken ball, or go for more varieties like barbecue, calamares, and tokneneng.

Best locations are around schools or the market. Gotohan and Mamihan Estimated start-up capital: You should also decide whether your gotohan will be open or for a set time only.

Videoke Rentals Estimated start-up capital: Videoke rental services are in a boom especially during birthdays and other celebration. You will need a smart business strategy to promote this business though. Some of the cost-effective ways to promote your business are through Facebook, tarpaulins, banners, or simply do the word-of-the-mouth advertisement.

Videoke machines are usually more affordable at Raon, Manila and you can buy five machines to start up your business. Farming Estimated start-up capital: If you know a place where you can buy land—say a hectare—you can invest in vegetable farming. Unlike common belief, there is plenty of money involved in farming especially if you use advanced methods of vegetable growing.

By having a lot, you can also seize additional business opportunities such as raising hogs, poultries, and goats. Take note that meat is always in demand especially in the local markets. Cellphone Repair Estimate start-up capital: Hence, these are prone to breaking or not working properly as they should.

Starting up a cellphone repair shop will be a good idea. You can also sell cellphone accessories and other gadgets as another business strategy for your business. Carwash shop Estimated start-up capital: You can also add selling car accessories to maximize your profit earnings.

Make a strategic business plan to thrive in the market and implement the plan effectively and you can possibly go far with this business. Clothing store Estimated start-up capital: Nowadays, you can set up an online store and advertise on social media so you can reach more people.

This way, your business can already sustain the cost for rentals and other operational expenses such as electricity and staff. Photography Estimated start-up capital: This is one of the business ideas that are well embraced nowadays by skilled photographers with entrepreneurial spirit.Verdict.

The breakthrough card that combines the benefits of a loyalty card, discount card, and credit card ALL-IN-ONE. Get up to 5% rebates on your Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket, and Anson's purchases. Aug 18,  · In Small Grocery Store, Lipa City, Philippines Nickolas Heynderickx.

Assad Mini Mart Indian Grocery Eurocrest Building Jupiter Street Makati by Grocery Store Business Plan. Sari-sari stores are small neighborhood retail outlets that many small business owners and entrepreneurs venture in. They provide convenience to consumers with easy procurement of necessities without the need of transportation.

How to set up a grocery. Having the goods and enough space does not guarantee the success of a grocery business. Keep a close eye and a steady hand on operations and supplies to make it work.

Do you plan to open a grocery near a school, a hospital or an office? Find out the demographics of the people in your desired area, and then. Mar 07,  · Learn how the owner of a grocery store chain is helping improve his bottom line, and the health of his customers, by dedicating a checkout aisle to healthy treats; placing and promoting healthy.

times a year. i plan to wholesale used stuff from u.s. to philippines to small business owners like you. probably you would want to start small and grow it. just like you i would just be starting this opportunity if there is a need for it. let me know as i could start you with what i have right now.

thank you!

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