Navajo nation

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Navajo nation

The name "Navajo" comes from the Spanish who called them the Apaches of Navajo. They called themselves "Dine" or "the People". What type of homes did the Navajo live in?

The Navajo lived in hogans. A hogan was a domed shaped house with a wood frame and walls made out of clay. The door of the hogan always faced east so they could see the sun rise. What did the Navajo eat?

Navajo Weaver by Pennington, William M. The Navajo were farmers who grew the three main crops that many Native Americans grew: After the Spanish arrived in the s, the Navajo began to farm sheep and goats as well, with sheep becoming a major source of meat. They also hunted animals for food like deer and rabbits.

They made dishes like mutton stew, fried cornbread, and even grilled prairie dog. What types of clothes did they wear? Before they started raising sheep, the Navajo wore clothes made of woven yucca plants or deerskin.

The men wore breechcloths and the women skirts. Their shoes were soft leather moccasins. Later, they wore clothes woven from the wool of sheep.

Navajo Rugs and Blankets The Navajo are known for their woven rugs and blankets. They first learned to weave cotton from the Pueblo peoples. When they started to raise sheep they switched to wool. These blankets were valuable and only the wealthy leaders could afford them.

For this reason they were often called Chief's Blankets. Today, Navajo rugs and blankets are still in demand and can still be quite expensive. Navajo Jewelry Navajo Blanket by Unknown In the olden days of the Navajo, the arts and crafts were divided between men and women.

Women wove blankets and made clay pots while the men made jewelry. One form of jewelry that is still popular today is silver jewelry. The Navajo like to use turquoise in their jewelry as well. Around people died during the mile trek.

Navajo Nation: Cleaning Up Abandoned Uranium Mines

The relocation was poorly planned and unsuccessful. Four years later the Navajo were allowed to return to their homeland. He resisted the long walk and signed a treaty giving the Navajo a reservation in Arizona. Jacoby Ellsbury, a professional baseball playeris a member of a Navajo tribe.

Before horses they used dogs to pull sleds called travois. They are closely related to the Apache tribes. The capital city of the reservation is Window Rock, Arizona.

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Listen to a recorded reading of this page: Your browser does not support the audio element. For more Native American history:The Navajo Nation Arizona is a southwestern state.

The different cultures that make up this state are made up of by many large immigrant populations. One of which is the Navajo Nation. This tribal nation was established on June 1, They are governed by the Navajo Nation Council.

Navajo Nation Council encourages Navajo veterans to submit claims to recover income taxes. 11/15/ Budget and Finance Committee seeks to provide additional funding to the St. Michaels Association for Special Education.

11/14/ The Navajo Nation Council passed a comprehensive Water Code in The Code is applicable to "all the waters of the Navajo Nation," which include all surface .

The Navajo Nation is the largest American Indian reservation in the United States. The capital city of the reservation is Window Rock, Arizona. The Navajo language is so difficult to learn that it was used as a secret code in World War II. Welcome to Navajo Nation Staff Development!

Vision Statement "Staff Development and Training Department is committed to offering excellence through quality, innovative and technological learning experiences to benefit the Navajo Nation and other entities.". The Navajo Nation’s land is an outdoor mecca and photographer’s dream.

Navajo nation

There’s no shortage of intriguing, natural compositions and exciting trails. Antelope Canyon Tribal Park in LeChee, Arizona features the upper and lower canyons.

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