Shobha des socialite evenings essay

As many as 18 devotees of Lord Shiva, who went missing in the Nallamala forest, finally walked out safely. The devotees caused tense moments to their relatives and authorities as nobody could trace their whereabouts for more than 36 hours. The devotees, belonging to Narayanapuram in Kurnool, embarked on a pilgrimage to Gundla Brahmeswaram on Shivaratri. They have to trek a distance of 40 km to reach the temple.

Shobha des socialite evenings essay

The first third of the novel is dedicated to her complaining about her middle class background and dissatisfaction with the life she leads. As the story slowly and painfully progresses, Karuna marries a childhood sweetheart in order to ascend to the upper class, and we hear about her unhappiness with her shallow marriage and bland husband.

She continues to chronicle her boredom with marriage, her husband, and reality, choosing to lose herself in the literary world instead. Two-thirds into the novel, there is still no riveting anecdote or colorful moment that really captures your interest.

Socialite Evenings by Shobhaa Dé

Karuna continues to regale us of tales of infidelity, religious shams, and even a few mafia members make an appearance, and yet, she does so in such a lifeless, colorless tone, that we just shrug past it.

As I ended the book, I was disappointed on so many levels.

Shobha des socialite evenings essay

Karuna discusses her thoughts and disappointment with being a part of the middle class, and even though India is nearly a world away from America, I found myself understanding some of her viewpoints. Nevertheless, this is definitely NOT a novel I would recommend to anyone unless you find yourself bored out of your mind with absolutely nothing else to do.

Modern living story of a women oscillating in present to past and running down emotional escapades. I picked it up during my one of the work-break period and spent some days to get over entirely. All i can say plot is missing edges and spikes that usually keep hitting and glued around, if you have a habit of reading fast-paced novels.A Thematic Study of Shobhaa De’s Novels -- Socialite Evenings and Second Thoughts handsome, hard-driving and ambitious, has the glamour of an American University degree and .

Book Review: Socialite Evenings by Shobha De September 21, The Indian society is basically patriarchal where a woman is given the secondary role. The modern woman does not find any sense in such self-sacrifice and yearns for self-expression, individuality and self-identity. She is trying to free herself of the dependence syndrome.

A divorce and a succession of sordid affairs have left prominent Bombay socialite Karuna feeling battered, empty and melancholic. Socialite Evenings, laid bare the world of high-society India and changed the face of the Indian novel forever.

Preview this book Socialite Evenings Shobha D. Shobha Des important contribution includes Socialite Evenings (), Starry Nights (), Sisters (), Strange Obsession (), Sultry Days (), Snapshots () and Second Thoughts16().

Shobha des socialite evenings essay

But Des novels, though selling like hot cakes in India and abroad, would seem to belong less to serious literature than to pulp srmvision.comr. Socialite Evenings [Shobha De] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers/5(3).

Socialite Evenings, Starry Nights and Sisters, taken up as course materials by The School of Oriental African Studies and a few Indian Universities, Shobha De is .

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