The night circus essay example

Birds appear many times in the novel, which becomes very important to Celia and her purpose not only in the circus but in her life. The amount of red that appears in the novel increases throughout the story which shows the evolution of the characters. In addition, rings bind not only Celia and Marco together, but Bailey and the circus, and without these rings, The Night Circus would not be the same.

The night circus essay example

Book Review: The Night Circus

The Night Circus is a story of an ancient dual between two schools of magical knowledge: During the course of the deadly game, two young illusionists fall in love, forever changing their lives and the lives of the performers in a mysterious traveling night circus.

Although Prospero does not have any desire to parent a child, he is intrigued when it becomes clear that his daughter exhibits magical ability. Immediately, Prospero contacts his previous teacher, Mr. AH, and demands a dual: AH sets out to find his own pupil, an orphan named Marco Alisdiar, whom he plucks from an orphanage and schools in the ways of old magic.

When Marco is eighteen years old, he is sent to work as the assistant to Chandresh Christophe Lefevre, an eccentric yet brilliant man who creates the idea of traveling night circus.

He hires Celia Bowen to work as an illusionist in the show, inadvertently creating a venue for the greatest battle magic has ever seen. Although they are unaware that the other is their opponent, every move that Marco and Celia make surrounding the circus is considered a "move" in their never-ending game of magical chess, in which one illusionist will emerge victorious and the other will have fought to the death.

The two illusionists work tirelessly, always trying to out-imagine their opponent as they create mystifying and outrageous circus tents to impress the guests such as moving carousels with living animals, gardens constructed entirely out of ice, and winding labyrinths of clouds.

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As the competition intensifies, Marco and Celia realize that they are connected not only through their fierce competition, but also through their emotions. Although they try desperately to avoid it, both young illusionists realize that they are falling in love. Unaware of the magical hold they have over the lives of the circus performers, who are truly just pawns in the venue of the competition, Marco and Isobel tread dangerously toward destruction as they allow their feelings for each other to cloud the competition.

On Halloween Night,Isobel discovers that Marco is in love with Celia, and in an act of revenge, destroys the tempering spell, tearing apart the delicate balance that had held the circus together for so many years.

The night circus essay example

In this moment, a dangerous schism is created, allowing danger to enter the circus for the first time. Chandresh, drunk and confused, arrives at the circus on the same evening and kills Herr Friedrick Thiessen.

This act of violence would never have been possible while the tempering act was still in place. Celia, sensing that something has gone terribly wrong, scrambles to hold the circus together, to restore the balance that had once kept the circus safe.

Overwhelmed with responsibility, and exhausted by the competition itself, Celia threatens to quit the competition all together, to throw herself in the fire so that Marco can live. At the last moment, however, Celia discovers a way to dissipate her atoms and pull them back together using the circus bonfire as a touchstone.

She will be forced to haunt the physical world rather that live within it, but for her, the reward is far greater than the loss. Grabbing Marco and jumping with him into the fire, Celia ultimately finds a way to avoid the terrible fate of the competition.

In a way, she and Marco simultaneously withdraw from competition and enter a dream world together. Although they can never interact with the physical world again, they are together, and will enjoy the circus together for as long as their souls wander the earth for their own magical "happily ever after.“The Night Circus is a gorgeously imagined fable poised in the high latitudes of Hans Christian Anderson and Oscar Wilde, with a few degrees toward Hesse’s “Steppenwolf” for dangerous spice.

The tale is masterfully written and invites allegorical interpretations even as its leisurely but persistent suspense gives it compelling charm.

The night circus essay example

Nov 05,  · For example, the fact that not everything is about good vs. evil. In this story, good vs evil stereotype is not present. The death of two characters in this story was not because of some devious plan and evil intent of some antagonist, but because those were the .

The Night Circus is a popular novel that is about an on-going competition between two magicians in a traveling circus that only runs at night.

Erin Morgenstern

On a deeper level the book draws inspiration from The Tempest and the character Prospero. Using Shakespeare's influence we see that The Night Circus is about what it takes to tell a great story. Nov 05,  · For example, the fact that not everything is about good vs.

evil. In this story, good vs evil stereotype is not present. The death of two characters in this story was not because of some devious plan and evil intent of some antagonist, but because those were the . The Night Circus written by Erin Morgenstern depicts the tale of two lovers bounded by a challenge that forces them to compete against each other.

It is a romantic tale, which the reader is able to develop a strong sense of emotion with the two lovers.

We talked about how the book, “The Night Circus”, is a fairytale most likely set in the Victorian Era. The description of the way the characters talked, the scenery, clothing described as long dresses that went down to the ankle worn with gloves, and the girls hair was styled up in a bun all gave a old time feeling.

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