The value of pets

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The value of pets

Wisch In the United States, domesticated animals either pets or animals of a commercial importance are considered the personal property of the owner. Animals have no independent legal rights for the most part i. As a result, when a pet is injured or killed, it is the owner who must file a lawsuit to recover damages.

Unfortunately, the traditional computation of damages for the loss of pet is the market value of the pet — the amount of money someone else would pay for the identical pet of the same, age, breed, and condition.

Since most of our beloved cats and dogs are not pedigreed or are of mixed breed, they have little or no market value. The current movement in pet damages jurisprudence now focuses more on the impact to the human owners of the creatures injured or killed by the wrongful action of another.

Courts now grapple with whether damages can be awarded for loss of companionship of the pet or whether damages can be awarded for the emotional distress suffered by the owner. While the majority of states still reject such damages for a variety of reasons, a few states have broken away from traditional property law notions to provide recovery for these non-human household members.

Causes of action for emotional distress the mental anguish suffered by the owner as a result of the negligent or The value of pets actions of the wrongdoerloss of companionship, and, on a more limited basis, the "intrinsic value" of the pet are now becoming more common. It is this consideration of intrinsic value or as one court described it as, "that a pet is not just a thing but occupies a special place somewhere in between a person and a piece of personal property" that may be the first step toward increasing the status of pets under law.

Thus, the answer to the initial question depends in large part on the state in which you live. However, the only way to force courts to take intentional and negligent acts against companion animals more seriously is to push the envelope.

In this way, both the concerns of animal companions and their human guardians can be better addressed by the legal system. However, despite the importance we as a society attach to our pets, these same remedies are often unavailable for injury to our animal companions.

While the criminal law has made great strides in addressing cruelty to animals, pet owners face an uphill battle in the civil arena.

Overview of Damages for Injury to Animals - Pet Losses Professor David Favre Assuming that an animal has been wrongfully injured or killed, a very important issue arises as to the appropriate method of calculating the monetary damages for compensation for the injury done. In a commercial context, when the market value for a good, such as timber, is readily ascertainable, the calculation is straightforward.

With commercial animals the standard categories of compensation are used. With pets, however, the answers are not so clear, as the animal is more than just property.

This court now overrules prior precedent and holds that a pet is not just a thing but occupies a special place somewhere in between a person and a piece of personal property. Crawford Dog and Cat Hospital97 Misc. As the new century progresses, there is considerable variability in the attitude of courts toward pets.

Historically, pets or "companion animals" have been viewed by courts as personal property, with recovery limited to the market value of the pet. This often results in an award of little or no monetary value, as most mixed breed pets have little economic worth in terms of resale or replacement value.

While several courts have found that harm to a pet justifies an award beyond mere market value, a number of other courts have flatly rejected any attempt to create new categories for injury to pet animals. Ina Minnesota case specifically declined to find that pet dogs had intrinsic value upon which an award of damages could be based; a dog was found to be just another form of property.

While obviously the dog experienced great pain, he did survive and continue to be the three-legged family pet.

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We reject the Nichols' argument that the intrinsic value of a dog should be considered in awarding damages for injury to the dog. The Nichols still enjoy the companionship of their pet and there is no evidence of the dog's special purpose.

Sukaro KennelsNW2d Iowa, The issues of pet loss are also bound up in larger disputes over the appropriateness of allowing recovery for mental pain and suffering to the animal itself within a particular state.

The value of pets

Animals pose a unique problem for the underlying theory of damage awards. The primary purpose of a damage calculation is to compensate for the harm, the injury, and the pain and suffering arising out of the wrongful acts of another. Yet, when an animal is harmed, injured or has suffered pain, the legal system has difficulty addressing it directly.

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