The world in a picture on a screen the advent of technology ushers in a new age

Elvis Presley at the Carolina Theatre When Elvis Presley stepped onto the stage at the Carolina Theatre in Februaryhe was only 21 years old and just emerging as a national phenomenon. Local teenagers withstood long lines that stretched for blocks for the chance to see Presley shake, rattle and roll on the Carolina stage in February of Even Presley himself was hard-pressed to define his technique: Young girls were especially ardent in their enthusiasm for Presley, jumping up and down in their seats and attempting to push their way backstage after the show for a chance to meet the young performer.

The world in a picture on a screen the advent of technology ushers in a new age

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright The Columbia University Press motion pictures, movie-making as an art and an industry, including its production techniques, its creative artists, and the distribution and exhibition of its products see also motion picture photography ; Motion Picture Cameras under camera.

Origins Experiments in photographing movement had been made in both the United States and Europe during the latter half of the 19th cent. Serial photographs of racehorses, intended to prove that all four hooves do leave the ground simultaneously, were obtained c.

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Isaacs by setting up a row of cameras with shutters tripped by wires. The first motion pictures made with a single camera were by E. Marey, a French physician, in the s, in the course of his study of motion.

The world in a picture on a screen the advent of technology ushers in a new age

In Thomas Edison and his staff developed the kinetograph, a camera using rolls of coated celluloid film, and the Kinetoscope, a device for peep-show viewing using photographs that flipped in sequence. Marketed inthe Kinetoscope gained popularity in penny arcades, and experimentation turned to ways in which moving images might be shown to more than one person at a time.

In the United Statessimilar machines, notably the Pantopticon and the Vitascope, were developed and first used in New York City in At first the screenings formed part of vaudeville shows and arcades, but in a Los Angeles shop that showed only moving pictures had great success; soon "movie houses" converted shoprooms sprang up all over the country.

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The first movie theater, complete with luxurious accessories and a piano, was built in Pittsburgh in A nickel was charged for admission, and the theater was called the nickelodeon. An industry developed to produce new material and the medium's potential for expressive ends began to assert itself.

The earliest films were used primarily to chronicle contemporary attitudes, fashions, and events, and ran no longer than 10 minutes. At first, simple actions were filmed, then everyday scenes and, pivotally, gag films, in which a practical joke is staged as a simple tableau.

The camera was first used in a fixed position, though soon it was pivoted, or panned, on its tripod or moved toward or away from a subject. The medium's potential as a storytelling mechanism was realized very early in its history.

His Cinderella and A Trip to the Moon were major innovative accomplishments. The American Edwin S. Porter demonstrated that action need not be staged for cinema screen as for theater and early realized that scenes photographed in widely separate locales could be cut, or edited, together yet still not be confusing to the audience.

His subject matter tended toward depictions of modern life; his Life of an American Fireman and The Great Train Robbery are among the first works to use editing as well as acting and stagecraft to tell their stories.

As business increased, the demand for product was met by many new companies incorporated to create the supply. Cooperation among the early filmmakers yielded to the demands of the marketplace, and each company tried to secure continued success through innovations meant to distinguish its product.

Out of these efforts developed the star system, the establishment of physical plants studios where the films would be made, and the organization of the filmmaking process into interlocking crafts. The crafts people include actors, producers, cinematographers, writers, editors, and film laboratory technicians who work interdependently in a production effort overseen and coordinated by the director.

Edison had claimed the patents for many of the technical elements involved in filmmaking and, informed the Motion Picture Patents Company, an attempt at monopoly that worked to keep unlicensed companies out of production and distribution.

To put distance between themselves and the Patents Company's sometimes violent tactics, many independents moved their operations to a suburb of Los Angeles ; the location's proximity to Mexico allowed these producers to flee possible legal injunctions.

After Hollywood, Calif. At first, films were sold outright to exhibitors; later they were distributed on a rental basis through film exchanges. Early on, actors were not known by name, but inthe "star system" came into being via promotion of Vitagraph Co.

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Other companies, noting that this approach improved business, responded by attaching names to popular faces and "fan magazines" quickly followed, providing plentiful, and free, publicity. Films had slowly been edging past the 20 minute mark, but the drive to feature-length works began with the Italian "spectacle" film, of which Quo Vadisrunning nine reels or about two hours, was the most influential.

The world in a picture on a screen the advent of technology ushers in a new age

Directors of the day, including D. Stuart Blackton, and Mack Sennettbecame known to audiences as purveyors of certain kinds, or "genres," of subject matter. During World War I the United States became dominant in the industry and the moving picture expanded into the realm of education and propaganda.

MayerAdolph Zukorand Jesse L. Lasky, and the innovative talents of Cecil B. The year brought experiments in sound effects and music, and in spoken dialogue was successfully introduced in The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson. A year later the first all-talking picture, Lights of New York, was shown.

Sound films gave a tremendous boost to the careers of some silent actors but destroyed many whose voices were not suited to recording. Fieldsand the Marx Brothers. The prize, a figurine of a man grasping a star, was later dubbed Oscar. These awards did much to confer status upon the medium in that they asserted a definable quality of excellence analogous to literature and theater, other media in which awards are given for excellence.

The Academy Awards also offered the bonus of gathering many stars in one place and thus attracted immediate and widespread attention.3.

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