What is report writing and their types of squash

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What is report writing and their types of squash

Reports Whichever sports event you report, you will need to follow the same guidelines.

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Check the rules and scoring system. The organising body of the sport will probably have a booklet giving the rules; if not, try the public library. Get hold of the rules; read them. Check the significance of the event. A cup final or a title fight is much more important than a contest in which nothing is at stake.

The more significant an event, the longer the report should be. Find a comfortable place with a good view from which to watch. If you do not know the names of the players, find a printed program and check for any changes from the printed program or get someone who does know the names to sit beside you.

Watch everything that happens, carefully and dispassionately - you will be too busy to cheer or get excited. Ignore any friends or relatives who try to talk to you during the game. Afterwards, get comment from players, coaches or managers - winners and losers.

Be sure to mention how the victory was won, important moments, outstanding individual performances, injuries, the size of the crowd and even the weather if it affected the result. You can now write the report, describing what happened, giving relevant details, and analysing why it happened as it did.

Analysis and previews There are two main areas to consider in match previews. What effect will the result have on the team's or a player's record?

Are the contestants old rivals? Is the event specially significant for any participant? How have they performed against the same opposition? Has either improved during the season? Are there new players or have they adopted new tactics? Have they competed against each other before? If you predict the result, you will upset the supporters of the team you say will lose.

Also, if you are wrong, you look stupid. Do not be eager to predict results. It is better to say that the endless appeal of competitive sport is the uncertainty of the result.

A club squash player who injures his knee is not news. How the international rugby hooker is responding to treatment for a shoulder injury, five days before a match against Australia, is news. Race cards These need to be clearly displayed to provide the following information: Selections In countries where it is allowed, gambling is an integral part of horse racing, so most people follow the sport in order to bet, and hoping to win.

Many newspapers, radio and television stations employ tipsters to forecast winners.

what is report writing and their types of squash

A tipster who can pick winners will attract readers and listeners, especially if he can pick winners at long odds. The racing correspondent needs to study the form of each horse to decide the likely winner - and he will be better placed if he has inside information from owners, trainers and jockeys, too.

Results These need less space than the race cards, but they also need to be clearly displayed to provide the following information: Here is an example of horse racing results: Athol Mulley 2yo F Hcp m: Sharman2 Cameola W.

Moore3 Prospect for Love M. George Moore 2yo F Hcp m: Goodwin2 Celebes Sea W. Moore3 Aureal Lass N. Roy Higgins Mdn Hcp m: Goodwin2 Logic Link R. Setches fav, 3 Tambo Lady C.Vegetable Certificate Writing Handbooks.

Some of the main types of squash that are included in this group are yellow crookneck, yellow straight neck, white scallop (patty pan, cymling) and zucchini. The inspector should not make a positive statement on their own authority, but.

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How To Identify Squash—Different Squash Types You Didn’t Know About! Sumit Dwivedy. on August 24, at pm have labelled almost all the edible ones we know with different names and even placed them into categories depending on their similarities and differences.

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