When i broke my leg essay

Contact Author I was around the age of twelve, it was Halloween afternoon just after school let out. I was playing base tag with my two best friends:

When i broke my leg essay

The story about the pain and suffering that I went through when I broke my leg. Based on a true story. One stunt involved jumping off a porch; I volunteered to do it although I wish I hadn't.

I hesitated to do so, then my brother showed me and he landed perfectly on the couch cushions that were used to cushion my fall.

When I finally had the courage to do the stunt it didn't end very well. He pressed the record button and I started running. When I went over the edge, I realized that I missed the cushions. When I landed I heard a loud snap. I fell on the ground and I felt excruciating pain like I've never felt before.

I screamed and my brother came running down. I told him to go get Dad, it took him a long time to do so. All I could think about was how excruciating the pain was and how my brother did me wrong.

When i broke my leg essay

I was screaming, "Help me," my cries went unanswered. I thought I was going When i broke my leg essay die. My dad finally came and he took a look at my leg, it was broken and I think I was bleeding internally. My mom showed up, she was really worried. Dad bribed me to try and get into the van, I couldn't do it.

They called the paramedics finally. The fire department showed up and just seeing them helped ease the pain. Two men named Keith and Gordy helped me roll over, it really hurt.

The ambulance showed up and they put me on a stretcher. As they took me to the ambulance I saw my brother in the distance and I couldn't help but feel contempt for him.

They shut the doors and attached some sort of device to my finger to make sure my vitals were stable. We were riding to the hospital and whenever they hit a bump I felt horrible pain in my leg. We made it there and I felt the pain go down a little. They took me to one of their cookie-cutter emergency rooms, they wiped the dirt off my leg and they put me in a hospital gown.

They stuck a needle in me that was attached to a tube leading up to a bag with some sort of clear substance called an IV. Some of my blood went up the tube. The nurse cranked the handle and the substance went down the tube and into my wrist.

The effects of pain

After a short time most of the pain eased significantly and it made me tired. They gave me a cast with Velcro for temporary use until they could give me a real cast.

They performed some x-rays on me and it appeared that I had fractured my leg in two places. Mom asked me if I had wanted the tacos she got for me, I declined so she gave them to the doctors.

I watched some TV and waited until the doctor showed up.

When i broke my leg essay

They said they might have to perform surgery. My mom was scared when she heard that, but after some negotiating, they decided to have my leg set. Apparently there weren't any surgeons available during the time so they had to transfer me to the hospital in Madison.

We made it and it was past midnight. They took me to one of their emergency rooms. It was a large room with frosted windows and a light blue curtain separating me from the other patient. I tried to go to sleep but all the noise around the ER prevented me from doing so.

I was hearing a baby cry louder than any baby I've ever heard before, and a movie was playing on the other side of the curtain. I wanted it all to end; it was taking what seemed like an eternity for the doctors to get back to me, I mean how long is it supposed to take to do an operation?My mom was grasping my hand, whispering encouraging words.

The hospital bed was relaxing but not the needles and movement of my pulsing leg. At this time my leg was numb but still pain shot through. Nadine`s broken leg was casted after the infection has lessened. The cast is helpful for keeping broken bones in place, provide very little or no movement, bending, or stretching of the knee 6.

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After this day, it took a while to come to the realization that I had done serious damage to my leg. My Broken Leg. My brother and I were once making a movie where we do our own stunts. One stunt involved jumping off a porch; I volunteered to do it .

All Nonfiction Bullying Books Academic Author Interviews Celebrity interviews College Articles College Essays Educator of the Year Heroes Interviews Memoir How I Broke My Leg; How I Broke My. My leg collapsed under its own weight as I placed it on top of my right leg. The sensation was brutal and gruesome.

This is the story of my broken leg, hospitalization and lengthy recovery.

When I Broke My Leg Essay